Happy Halloween!

This was the first year I didn’t go trick-or-treating, so when my sister came home with one of the best candy hauls I’ve ever seen (it was almost all chocolate!) I felt more than a little deprived and jealous.  Enter a super badass sundae.

What’s in it?

1 serving vanilla blender ice cream

1 chocolate Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich

1 mini Milkyway Midnight

Sprinkle of trail mix (I used 1/4 oz)

Optional: Red and yellow food coloring


Make your blender ice cream.  When the cream is nearly smooth, add drops of red and yellow food coloring until it’s the desired shade of orange (just because it’s Halloween).  Then sprinkle on the trail mix and the Milkyway, and stick in the Skinny Cow.  Look, it’s the night sky!



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